Usman Ahmed

Usman Ahmed

Instructor, Qualified Teacher

An experienced life coach and instructor having undergone 13 years of practical self development  under the guidance of those foremost in the fields of spirtuality, islamic studies and practical self development.

With 6 years of experience providing clients with spiritual, relationship-based, emotional and psychological based coaching.

Usman has succesfully coached and continues to coach students from across the world, namley USA, UK, Denmark and Morroco.

Usman is also a qualified teacher and runs a number of self owned agencies and businesses.

Usman lives in Oldham with his wife and beautiful child.

Majid Hussain

Majid Hussain

Instructor, Qualified Barrister & Tax Director

Majid Hussain is a qualified barrister, teacher, mentor and tax director who specialises in Tax advisory at a reputable international accounting firm.

On top of his demanding work Majid has studied for 7 years with those foremost in the fields of Islamic sciences in particular theology, fiqh and in depth biography of The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

He has set up various organisations including children classes in Surrey and is a founder of the London based charity organisation “Morocco Youth UK”

Currently he has been an active mentor in and around London helping set up weekly study circles in his local area of Surrey and delivering weekly lectures to Muslim professionals in central London.

He lives in Surrey with his wife and four beautiful children.

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