A unique practical & holistic marriage workshop

For those who are single looking for the perfect preperation or married and are seeking enrichment

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Perfect your Marriage is based on Islamic principles but designed for all couples and those seeking marriage with or without an Islamic background

Ever Wondered Why Divorce is so Common?

50% of Marriages end in divorce in just the first 2 years!

We understand the roots of the underlying problems that lead to

unsuccessful marriages



Information Overload

He says this, she says that. Seeking the right advice can get confusing! Learn to find out which of the 5 structures your marriage falls under to help make sense of it all.

Lack Of Experience

From real life practical case studies, learn from the experienced and explore common problems that lead to conflict and how to prevent making the same mistakes in your marriage.

New Couples


Honeymoon Phase Over

Marriage not what you expected? Had your first argument? Honeymoon harmony gone? Learn how to maintain the honeymoon period throughout your entire marriage.

Physically Present But Mentally Absent

Married with the body but not in the mind?  Learn how to deepen your relationship with your spouse and unlock different dimensions to your marriage.

Married 3 years +


Giving Up & On The Brink

Have you exhausted all your options? Feel like giving up?  One peice of advice can save your marriage.  Get 1-to-1 coaching to support you through your dilemmas.

Dead Love

You’ve experienced the state of love before, but is it coming back? You don’t know because you have not experienced the station of love. Learn to diffrentiate between states and stations.

We Can Offer Real-life, Practical, Tried-and-Tested Solutions

Using a Synthesis of Modern Science and Islamic Principles

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Course Overview

2 Days |8 Sessions | Expert Instructors

Session 1 - Building Strong Foundations

Learn the needs of you and your spouse on multiple dimensions.

Session 2 - Understanding Personalities

Learn what your personality type is and how to navigate differences.

Session 3 - Key Ingredients of Marriage

Learn the right behaviors and habits to help build a robust marriage.

Session 4 - Marriage with the Mind

How to become mentally present & bring positivity into a marriage

Session 5 - Reality of Love & States

Learn the difference between true and fake love, and how to build this in your marriage.

Session 6 - Practical Marriage Structures

Learn the 5 universal marriage structures that approach finances, family, responsibilities & children uniquely.

Session 7 - Resolving Conflict

Tools and techniques on how to avoid breakdowns and conflict.

Session 8 - Prayers of Marriage

Supplications to bring blessings into your marriage.

Married with the body, but what about the mind?

  • Develop stress relief techniques to aleviate pressure on your marriage, preserving it to be a source of harmony and peace.
  • Negative thinking & overthinking are one of the common causes of conflict in marriage, learn how to manage this with cognitive techniques developed from the sciences of the pious predecessors.
  • The past has gone, and the future is not promised; learn to live in the present and develop presence in your marriage.

Discover the reality of love

  • Recongise the 4 states that everyone falls in throughout their marriage and learn the correct response so you can achieve the state of bliss.
  • Understand the reality of love, how it differs to the state of love and how it applies in your life.
  • Scientists say a human goes through over 2000 feelings a day, learn how to make sense of it all!

Discover your personality type

  • Discover an indepth report outlining your personality traits.
  • Learn how to respond to your spouse to bring the best out of each other, so you can achieve a fruitful marriage.
  • Using your personality profile, learn to embrace the differences between you and your spouse.

From the Quran & Sunnah

  • Taught under the principles of the Quran and Sunnah in conjunction with techniques from modern day science and psychology.

Learn how to recover from the brink of breakdown

  • Learn from real life case studies, common scenarios that lead to conflict and how to prevent them.
  • For specific dilemmas we offer a bespoke 1-to-1 coaching service to help resolve marital issues.

Our Instructors

Usman Ahmed

Usman Ahmed

Instructor, Qualified Teacher

An experienced life coach and instructor having undergone 13 years of practical self-development under the guidance of those foremost in the fields of spirituality, Islamic studies, and practical self- development. With 6 years of experience providing clients with spiritual, relationship-based, emotional and psychological based coaching.

Usman has successfully coached and continues to coach students from across the world, namely USA, UK, Denmark, and Morroco. Usman is also a qualified teacher and runs a number of self-owned agencies and businesses. Usman lives in Oldham with his wife and beautiful child.

Shanaz Begum

Shanaz Begum

Qualified Aalimah with (MA) in Islamic Theology, Arabic and Jurisprudence

– Experienced and qualified teacher in adult education – PTLLS/DTLLS
– 14 years under spiritual guide and practical self development 
– Education – 5 years at Boarding School for Islamic education in Lancaster – BA
– 2 years at Madrasah Al Zahra, London – graduated in Aalimiyyah MA
– 8 years – Mentor and advisor to sisters 
– Community faith leader in Tameside 
– Founder and Headteacher of Al Ihsan Institute in Tameside – providing courses of Aalimiyyah programme and self development in Tazkiyah and Tarbiyyah. Conducted in a professional manner with modern technology
– Currently embarking on a top up degree in Business and Management BA (Hons)
– Married with 1 child
– Taught courses all across UK specifically

Majid Hussain

Majid Hussain

Instructor, Qualified Barrister & Tax Director

Majid Hussain is a qualified barrister, teacher, mentor and tax director who specialises in Tax advisory at a reputable international accounting firm. On top of his demanding work Majid has studied for 7 years with those foremost in the fields of Islamic sciences in particular theology, fiqh and in depth biography of The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

He has set up various organisations including children classes in Surrey and is a founder of the London based charity organisation “Morocco Youth UK” Currently he has been an active mentor in and around London helping set up weekly study circles in his local area of Surrey and delivering weekly lectures to Muslim professionals in central London. He lives in Surrey with his wife and four beautiful children.

Here's What Attendees Have Said

The strategies I learnt on this course were practical, applicable and systematic. As an academic professional, I found there to be a balance of modern psychology and application of universal Islamic principles throughout the course.

There was a delicate balance achieved between outlining responsibilities of both genders and it was enlightening to see this taught correctly.

Dr Zakia

United Kingdom, 2018

The applied Quranic principles I have found in this course, are not just applicable to muslims, rather to people of all backgrounds. I can only recommend that this course be attended and shared with anyone who wants to transform their marriage.

Rabbi Abel

United Kingdom, 2017

I have found this course to be clear, indepth and transformational, not only solving but preventing many of the problems I come across as a marriage counsellor.

If you’re someone who thinks “What can I possibly learn from a marriage course?” then like myself, you will likely be the biggest benefactor from this workshop.


United Kingdom, 2017

Having attended many marriage courses before I thought I knew what to expect – but to my surprise it was a very unique, balanced and multi-dimensional course. Without reservation I would recommend this to anyone who wants a practical approach to acheiving a successful marriage.

United Kingdom - London, 2017

This course is unlike any other marriage course I have attended. It’s truly unique in its approach and is applicable to everyone irrespective of their marital status.

The instructors do a great job in not just talking about rights and responsbilities of marriage, but rather the the application of those rights and repsonsibities in a complex western society, in a way you can easily acheive a blissful islamic marriage.


United Kingdom - London, 2017



Date: July 12th (Sun - Weekly)) 
Duration: 4 Weeks
Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM (EDT)
Registration Fee(s): $65

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