A 2-day character development workshop, rooted in universal Islamic principles. Which provides you a system that allows you to replace negative character traits with qualities that reflect the best of humanity.

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"I have been sent to perfect good character"

Prophet Muhammed (Peace & Blessings be Upon him)

Sick of attending personal development programs and not seeing the lasting change?

In this workshop, you will learn the 3-step-system to perfect yourself and your character – Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

We understand the underlying problems that a lack of focus on character development can lead to…



Anxiety & depression

Learn practical coping strategies to deal with your depression and/or identify what triggers your anxiety so you can overcome it!

Moodswings & Anger Management

Don’t let anger and moodswings sabotage your relationships. Learn to uncover where all 33 emotions come from, how to manage and react to them accordingly.



Lack of Authenticity

Develop leadership and wholesome relationships within your sphere of influence. You’ll discover how to access your natural leadership abilities for the benefit of the people (your family/organisation).

Unable to Achieve your Goals

Falling short of your goals? Lack of discipline starts with developing wrong habits. Learn to break these systematically with ease using our unique habit tracking methodology.



Spiritual Diseases

Anger, Jealousy, Laziness, Vanity, Arrogance…These are only a few negative qualities that will sabotage your character. Learn the causes along with our practical methodolgy on how to replace them.

Lack of Connection to the Divine

Discover why you’ve really been struggling to connect with the divine and how to master your spirituality so that accessing it feels effortless and leaves you inspired.

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Course Overview

2 Days | Expert Instructors

Session 1 - Understanding Your Journey

Discover your purpose and plan to work towards it.

Session 2 - Knowing Yourself

Discover the 5 components of the human being.

Session 3 - Beautiful Behavior

Learn the art of enabling the right habits to transform behavior.

Session 4 - Unlocking the Power of the Mind

Unlock constant positivity and presence throughout your life.

Session 5 - Managing Emotions

Discover the 33 emotions and the positive & negative uses of each.

Session 6 - Cleansing the Heart

Detox the heart of spiritual diseases practically.

Session 7 - Enlightened Spirit

Techniques to maintain the change you seek throughout your life.

Session 8 - The Path of Bad Character

Understand how shortcomings in your character can destroy you.

“In order to change, you have to address your character and not just your behaviour”

From bestselling book (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

Purpose is what creates true happiness - Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Discover your higher purpose and how to practically and effectively achieve it using our 3-step-system.
  • Learn to incorporate purpose into your working life, personal life and spiritual life so that you can align everything with your bigger picture!
  • The past has gone, and the future is not promised; learn to live in the present and develop presence in your daily life.

Manage your emotions before they manage you.

  • Learn each emotional state and how it impacts the development of your character.
  • Every emotion has a positive and negative reaction. Learn the correct reaction to help manage how you feel.
  • Scientists say a human goes through over 2000 feelings a day, learn how to make sense of it all!

Be the best version of yourself.

  • Discover an in-depth report outlining your personality traits
  • Discover how to enrich your relationships with your closest loved ones, and how this can extend to everyone you come into contact with!
  • Learn to discover yourself through your connection with the Divine and use our 3-step-system to maintain this throughout your life.

Grounded in universal Islamic principles.

  • Taught with the universal principles of the Quran and Sunnah in conjunction with techniques from modern-day science and psychology.

Simple 3-Step System to achieve lasting change.

  • Discover the power of our 3-step-system, a highly practical and unique method taught to help you achieve the transformational character change you are seeking!
  • We offer 1-to-1 mentoring to support you through your change journeys using our 3-step-system.

Our Instructors

Usman Ahmed

Usman Ahmed

An experienced life coach and instructor having undergone 13 years of practical self development  under the guidance of those foremost in the fields of spirtuality, islamic studies and practical self development.

With 6 years of experience providing clients with spiritual, relationship-based, emotional and psychological based coaching.

Usman has succesfully coached and continues to coach students from across the world, namley USA, UK, Denmark and Morroco.

Usman is also a qualified teacher and runs a number of self owned agencies and businesses.

Usman lives in Oldham with his wife and beautiful child.

Majid Hussain

Majid Hussain

Instructor, Qualified Barrister & Tax Director

Majid Hussain is a qualified barrister, teacher, mentor and tax director who specialises in Tax advisory at a reputable international accounting firm.

On top of his demanding work Majid has studied for 7 years with those foremost in the fields of Islamic sciences in particular theology, fiqh and in depth biography of The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

He has set up various organisations including children classes in Surrey and is a founder of the London based charity organisation “Morocco Youth UK”

Currently he has been an active mentor in and around London helping set up weekly study circles in his local area of Surrey and delivering weekly lectures to Muslim professionals in central London.

He lives in Surrey with his wife and four beautiful children.

Tasif Zaman

Tasif Zaman

Instructor - Personal Development Coach

Tasif Zaman is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He’s a seasoned Career Coach and a HR professional. He’s an active Da'ee and a prominent contributor of the Islamic development of students at LSE. Tasif has delivered many productivity training workshops in the past to corporate professionals. Tasif also has a few years of teaching experience in the education sector.

Tasif completed multiple leadership programs and gained a certificate in Action Centred Leadership (ACL) – the program of John Adair – the world’s first leadership professor.

Tasif also is active in mentoring and leadership development within BAME communities across London and the UK.

Harun Asif

Harun Asif

Instructor, Personal Development Coach & Mental Health First Aider

Harun Asif is a self-development coach who has spent the last 5 years working with schools, academies and institutions teaching personal development from both the Islamic and secular traditions.

Having studied 7 years at an independent Islamic school he went on to complete his Theoretical Physics degree at King’s College London. He has completed further Islamic studies with various teachers, who are foremost in the topics of prophetic character, prophetic sayings (Hadith) and spirituality. He continues to study and is undertaking a practical course of prophetic self-development under the guidance of contemporary scholars.

Harun has worked at the Cabinet Office, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and currently works at Google and specialises marketing and technology.

Harun is a qualified mental health first aider and has conducted a number of mental health awareness sessions at KCL and LSE.

Here's What Attendees Have Said

Perfect your marriage course is a unique course that surpassed my expectation. It was a immensely beneficial two day course that provided both practical and spiritual solutions to marriage.

As a newly married woman, embarking on this course gave me great insight into how to approach the next chapter in my life and even covered aspects that I had not considered. It is a truly outstanding course that I would highly recommend to friends and family.


United Kingdom, 2017

The ease of access I had received from those willing to help really gave me great confidence to discuss the situation I was in.

I was able to speak my mind and heart in order to receive not only marriage support but morale support as well.

A. H

United Kingdom, 2017

I just wanted to say thank you and may Allah reward you. Usman has been very generous with his time and giving me advice since December 2015.

I feel as if i cannot repay you for your help and assistance.”


United Kingdom, 2017




Date: July 12th (Sun - Weekly)) 
Duration: 4 Weeks
Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM (EDT)
Registration Fee(s): $65

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