To transmit the light of Divine and human wisdom in a practical, meaningful and applicable way into everyday lives, solving everyday problems, across the world.

Our Purpose

As young British Muslims, we live in an era where humans have higher levels of education and greater access to information more than ever before. But, despite the fact that our walls are lined with degrees and our minds filled to the brim with information, we may not be the wisest generation that ever lived.

It is not necessarily that our generation is unwise, but that we are distracted; unable to filter through mass information to find what is truly important and use this knowledge in an applicable manner to live wiser, healthier and more productive lives.

Our Approach

As students and professionals, some of us moved from course to course, looking for the ‘iman boost’ but also for the practical application of our Islamic values to our contemporary reality. We appreciated that the corpus of Islamic tradition is enormous and sophisticated – but we wanted to create a way for teachers and scholars to be able to simplify the knowledge into practical lessons that anyone could benefit from. We also wanted the knowledge to be relevant to the challenges we face every day. 

Wiselife academy’s ethos is to transmit using practical tools and bite-size techniques, meaningful and applicable knowledge in a way that anyone can reflect this into day to day life to deal with life’s challenges. 

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Director - Shaykh Ahmed Dabbagh

Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh is the teacher of a practical self-purification course (tazkiyah nafs). They reside in Greater Manchester, UK with his wife and children.

At 6 years of age he had a desire to memorize the Quran, learn the Islamic sciences and spent the next few years of his life studying with a number of Mashayikh and Ulama from whom he received permission to teach these disciplines.

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