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What makes us different?

Tackling the knowledge-rich, but insight poor generation

We live in an era where humans have higher levels of education and greater access to information more than ever before. But, despite the fact that our walls are lined with degrees and our minds filled to the brim with information, we may not be the wisest generation that ever lived.

It is not necessarily that our generation is unwise, but that we are distracted; unable to filter through mass information to find what is truly important and use this knowledge in an applicable manner to live wiser, healthier and more productive lives.

Wiselife academy’s ethos is to transmit using practical tools and bite-size techniques, meaningful and applicable knowledge in a way that anyone can reflect this into day to day life to deal with all of life’s challenges.

Balanced in our approach

We focus on practically applying universal Islamic principles to all aspects of 21st-century life.

Our formula when approaching education is to go beyond academics and ivory tower scholarship. We aim to design a truly unique experience by marrying world-class scholarship, with exceptional training methods to create powerful practical guidelines for people to implement into their life, starting from day 1, but designed to stay with you for a lifetime.

Knowledge + Practice + Experience = Lasting Change.


A unique 2-day practical & holistic marriage workshop. For those who are single looking for the perfect preperation or married and are seeking enrichment

Learn how to remove negative character traits and replace them with qualities that reflect beauty.


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